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Ask the frantrepreneur who owns one.

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Welcome to the new Franchise Interviews website. We recently updated our website for a new user experience. If you've ever harbored the dream of owning your own business, you've landed in the right spot. Franchise Interviews stands out as one of the pioneering websites where you can access in-depth interviews featuring some of the most knowledgeable figures in the realms of franchising and entrepreneurship.

There's a palpable demand for quality and substantive content (Keyes, 2009). Through our weekly franchise radio show and podcast, we've amassed a library of over 800 interviews, featuring insights from leading franchisors, franchise experts, franchise attorneys, franchisees, and franchise authors. Our discussions have covered a spectrum of intriguing franchise concepts and engaged with prominent figures in the franchising landscape. As a visitor to our website, all it takes is a simple click to access and listen to these valuable conversations.

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Table of contents

Table of Contents

You have the option to explore interviews based on categories, with a selection of over 75 diverse industries within the franchising sector. Additionally, you can browse franchises alphabetically or access interviews chronologically, ranging from the most recent to past shows. For those new to franchising, we highly recommend delving into our franchise experts category, where you can listen to insightful interviews with some of the most informed authorities in the field. Another valuable resource is our Great Quotes in Franchising podcast, offering noteworthy excerpts from our weekly radio show.    

You can also use the search feature button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen if you are looking for specific content.

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Pour yourself a cup of coffee, relax, and indulge. Franchise Interviews airs live on Blog Talk Radio every Thursday at 10 AM EST, 7 AM PST. If you miss the live broadcast, worry not. Each episode is promptly recorded and added to our collection of audio archives. Since the inception of our weekly radio show, Franchise Interviews has garnered an audience of over a quarter of a million listeners. Furthermore, our content is syndicated on more than 40 different podcast stations. 

Ask the frantrepreneur who owns one.

Franchise Interviews

Franchise Interviews offers an intimate and behind-the-scenes exploration of the world of franchising. With over 800 hours of content, delving into every interview on this website would be a substantial commitment. Each Franchise Interviews podcast offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into diverse industries, hear firsthand experiences from individuals involved in franchising, and receive advice from those who have navigated both successes and failures in this business model. Through listening to Franchise Interviews, you can assess whether franchising aligns with your aspirations, discover which franchise suits your personality best, and uncover the key elements of becoming a successful franchisee. For more information about Franchise Interviews, explore our "About Us" page.   

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