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It all started as a newsletter... 

Franchise Interviews, initially a newsletter in 2005, has evolved into a widely embraced weekly radio show and podcast. The focus is on sharing success stories of individuals like Tony Lutfi, who achieved the American dream through franchising. Marty McDermott, the President, emphasizes providing an intimate perspective on franchising to educate and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs. The show has gained a substantial audience since its inception, featuring prominent figures in franchising. Marty McDermott and Don Johnson co-host, with the show's history covered in various interviews and articles. The evolution of Franchise Interviews is marked by milestones, including the transition to BlogTalkRadio.com and recognition in the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal. The show still continues with engaging interviews. 

Franchise interviews newsletter banner

Our inaugural banner dating back to 2005. What began as a complimentary newsletter evolved into a widely embraced weekly radio show and podcast. 

Each business possesses a narrative, and it's this recognition that prompted the inception of Franchise Interviews. The extraordinary success stories of ordinary individuals like Tony Lutfi, who have flourished through franchising are truly amazing and inspiring. 

Frantrepreneur Tony Lutfi

Meet Tony Lutfi

Tony Lutfi suggested on our weekly radio show/podcast that he achieved the American dream through franchising. Tony Lutfi began working as a cook at Jack in the Box as a teenager. Tony has grown his company - Marlu Investment Group - to over several hundred franchised locations with several brands in over seven states. 

Franchise Interviews

In 2005, Franchise Interviews originated as a newsletter. We initiated the process by placing a FREE Franchise Newsletter banner (refer to the image above) on various franchise websites and commenced building our subscriber base. Once we achieved a substantial number of subscribers, we were prepared to launch our inaugural franchise newsletter! 

Kwik Kerb franchise opportunity

Kwik Kerb

The initial interview conducted by Franchise Interviews featured a franchise opportunity named Kwik Kerb from Australia. During this interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Gordon Buckland, the founder of Kwik Kerb, along with their highly successful franchisees, the Hortons—a husband and wife team. It's thrilling to observe the remarkable journey Franchise Interviews has undertaken since that inaugural newsletter. Presently, our website attracts thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs from around the globe who tune in to our radio show. Remarkably, since the inception of our radio show, we have amassed nearly half a million listens to our broadcasts and podcasts. 

worldtalkradio studio

Our First Studio at WorldTalkRadio.com

There is a strong demand for valuable and essential content (Keyes, 2009). The inception of Franchise Interviews was driven by the desire to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with an intimate and behind-the-scenes perspective on franchising. Recognizing the information overload on numerous franchise websites targeted at those with entrepreneurial aspirations, our mission from the outset has been to educate, inform, and inspire our audience on the subjects of entrepreneurship and franchising. 

Martin J. McDermott


Marty McDermott, the President of Franchise Interviews, expressed, "Being naturally inclined towards auditory experiences, the idea of having a radio show dedicated to franchising and entrepreneurship appealed to me. The allure of Internet radio, with its absence of geographical constraints and the ability for listeners to access the show 24/7 through audio archives, fascinated me." While the majority of our audience is from the United States, we also have listeners from various countries such as the UK, Philippines, Australia, Turkey, Israel, and Canada. 

P.B. Loco

Our First Show!

We launched our first radio show on WorldTalkRadio in November of 2006 with the founders of P.B. Loco. WorldTalkRadio was acquired by a competitor, and we felt we needed a more comfortable place to call home. That place was BlogTalkRadio

Blogtalkradio.com logo


Up until now, we've produced more than 800 shows, amassing a substantial audience for Franchise Interviews. Our interviews have featured some of the most prominent figures in the franchising industry, unveiling innovative concepts in the process. In December of 2007, we became part of the Blog Talk Radio family, and there are numerous reasons we hold an affinity for Blog Talk Radio. Launched in August 2006 by Alan Levy and Bob Charish, BlogTalkRadio.com covers a diverse array of topics including business, sales, politics, leadership, education, travel, and more. 

Don Johnson to the left and Marty McDermott pictured above.

Franchise Times Article

It's five minutes to airtime and Marty McDermott is in his home office in Williams Township, Pennsylvania; his cohost, Don Johnson, is holed up in his office at Diamond Financial Services in West Keansburg, New Jersey. Click here to read the whole article called "Franchise Interviews: Heard on the Internet," by Nancy Weingartner Nov 1, 2007.

Anita Cambell of Small Business Trends Radio

Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends radio

Before launching the weekly radio show, Marty McDermott appeared on Anita Campbell's popular radio show called Small Business Trends Radio. The topic was "Franchising In The New Millennium - The Latest Trends." The show aired on August 22, 2006.

Stop riding the pine with Jaimie Jay

The Franchise Interviews Story

You can hear the whole story of Franchise Interviews by listening to an interview with our President Marty McDermott, who was a recent guest on the popular show, "Stop Riding The Pine," hosted by Jaime Jay. Click here to listen to the interview with Jaime.  


Eastern Pennsylvania Business journal Part 1

On July 7, 2008, the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal (Volume 19, Issues 7) interviewed Marty McDermott and Don Johnson. The article was called "Layoffs spur interest in franchising" and was written by Stacy Wescoe. The Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal is now owned by Lehigh Valley Business. 


Eastern Pennsylvania Business journal Part 2

According to Marty McDermott, an Easton-based marketing professor for the online Kaplan University, two years ago there were about 2,400 different franchises for an individual to invest in. Today, he said there are about 3,000. 

Franchise Interviews 16 Years later- Aug 16, 2022 

FUN Interview with Martin McDermott Host of FRANCHISE INTERVIEWS with the Telephone Doctor Nancy Friedman. Click here for a Transcript.