Accounting & Tax Franchise Interviews

According to Statista Research Department (2023), it is projected that the revenue from accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll services in Washington will amount to approximately 3.185,1 million U.S. dollars by 2024. Franchise Interviews has interviewed some interesting franchises in the bookkeeping and tax industry. Some include ATAX, BookKeeping Express, Fiesta Auto Insurance, Instant Tax Service, Liberty Income Tax, and Smart Tax.

Statista Research Department (2023). Industry revenue of accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping services in Washington from 2012 to 2024. Statista.

ATAX franchise

Franchise Interview with ATax

We are meeting with Rafael Alvarez, the founder of ATax. ATAX is a full-service income tax preparation business representing and catering services to the Hispanic community. Services include bookkeeping and accounting, driver's license assistance, notary services, and insurance analysis, helping to educate the community on the steps they need to take to ensure citizenship and financial success in the economy. Every ATAX franchisee can offer supplemental services as part of their business model. These secondary services can range from English as a second language, immigration advice, and passport photos, which turns their business into a year-round operation.

* A Safe Haven: ATAX is dedicated to helping the Hispanic community by being a benefactor to its communities, mainly helping educate and dispel fear through the support they offer their customers.

* Strong Financial Model: The ATAX model helps franchisees feel supported, profit quickly, and retain clients through multiple revenue streams, which can be added if the franchisee desires.

* High Demand: Taxes are unavoidable; over half of the American population defers to a tax preparer instead of filing taxes themselves. Therefore, ATAX's services will always be in demand during tax season.

Bookkeeping Express

Franchise Interview with BookKeeping Express

One theme on our weekly franchise radio show and podcast is that franchising is more than food. It includes almost 80 different industries, from signs to bookkeeping services. All businesses must keep track of their financials, and bookkeeping helps gauge how a company is doing.

Today, Franchise Interviews is meeting with Dom Cirello of the BookKeeping Express franchise opportunity. Dom is a franchisee to BookKeeping Express. BookKeeping Express is a national organization and franchise that provides businesses with professional bookkeeping services. 

Bookkeeping Express was founded in 1984 in California.

After serving 13 years in the United States Air Force and attaining the rank of Captain, Cirello spent the next 12 years as an IT project manager and business analyst. Dom found a comfortable transition to BookKeeping Express as it is a technology-driven solution. Dom obtained his master's degree in systems management and business administration at the Air Force Institute of Technology. In addition to owning a business, Cirello is active in his local community.

fiesta auto insurance franchise

Franchise Interview with Fiesta Auto insurance

Today, Franchise Interviews is meeting with Fiesta Auto Insurance franchise opportunity. Fiesta Auto Insurance is the country's first franchise to join insurance and tax preparation. This strategy provides a one-stop shop for the budget-minded consumer. In addition to auto insurance, Fiesta provides insurance services for boats, motorcycles, homeowners, rentals, and more.

On the tax side, Fiesta offers federal and state personal income tax filings, business tax returns, electronic filing, and bank products. Fiesta also provides motor vehicle registration services, travel services, wireless services, instant wire money transfers, accounting, and bookkeeping services. We are meeting with the President of Fiesta Auto Insurance, John Rost. We are also meeting with one of our favorite writers, Nancy Weingartner, from Franchise Times magazine. Click the play button below to listen to the show. 

instant tax service franchise

Franchise Interview with Instant Tax Service

We are meeting with Fez Ogbazion, the CEO of Instant Tax Service. Fez has an incredible story: He emigrated to the US from Ethiopia as a kid. When he began college at the University of Cincinnati, he needed a way to earn a living that fit with his class schedule. He was working on a degree in finance and accounting, and felt that doing taxes would be a great fit. He could work on his skills, build a client base, and make a little money during the short tax season. So, with the help of some credit cards and donations from friends and family, Fez opened his first tax business. Within five years, Fez had 26 locations in the Cincinnati, OH area. In 1999 - realizing he needed more startup capital to build the business he envisioned - he sold the company to Jackson Hewitt and used the proceeds to found Instant Tax Service in Dayton, OH.


Fez had to start over again, but he'd learned much from his first business experience. Entrepreneur Magazine ranked them the #1 new franchise in the country this year for the second year. It's consistently ranked among the National Minority Franchising Initiative's Top 50 franchises for minorities and was recently included among the Franchise Times' Fast 55. Click the play button below to listen to the show.

Liberty tax franchise

Franchise Interview with Liberty Tax

Franchise Interviews Meets franchise legend John Hewitt. This podcast is one of those must-listen-to shows. John Hewitt is the founder of Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service. In this show, we met with one of Liberty Tax Service's top franchisees, Dan Castallini. We had two opportunities to meet with the Liberty Tax Service franchise opportunity. Marc Johnson is the area developer for Liberty Tax Service. These guys make taxes fun! Listen in. Hit the play button to listen to the show (90-minute show). Original recording 2006. 

Nick Rizzi of the Smart Tax Franchise Opportunity

Franchise Interview with Smart Tax

Smart Tax is a franchise opportunity that differentiates itself from the rest by delivering top-quality, professional services while allowing franchisees to focus more on quality of life. It will enable its franchisees to own a tax preparation business without requiring a background in finance, accounting, or tax law – it’s an easy business to start up and operate just by following the established and comprehensive Smart Tax system. We are meeting with the founder of Smart Tax, Nick Rizzi.