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Franchise interview with Lenny's Sub Shop

Franchise Interview with Lenny's Sub Shop

This podcast was one of our earliest shows. In 1979, Len and Sheila Moore started selling Delicious Subs and Philly Cheesesteaks in their Sub King Restaurant on the Wildwood, New Jersey boardwalk. Their restaurant was a hit with tourists and locals who loved the great food and friendly atmosphere.

Len went on to lead a distinguished career in the restaurant industry, yet kept the desire to return to the fun sandwich-making days. Click the play button to listen to the show. 

Franchise podcast with the Lost Cajun Restaurant

Franchise Interview with the Lost cajun restaurant

We are meeting with Raymond Griffin of the Lost Cajun Restaurant franchise. The Lost Cajun Restaurants” features southern-style home cooking, like Fried catfish, shrimp, and oysters. 


The Lost Cajun Restaurants are a full-service, family-friendly restaurant that provides the best service in the industry, and it is their goal to make all of their guests feel like they are having dinner at a friend’s house. From their open kitchens to their handmade wooden tables and New Orleans atmosphere, you will think you’ve stepped off the street into a New Orleans bistro!

Part 2 discusses what every entrepreneur should know before buying a franchise. We will play a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast.

Franchise podcast with Lumberjacks

Franchise Interview with lumberjacks

We are meeting with Jeff Garrett, founder of Lumberjacks. In 2004, in one of those “wake up in the middle of the night” moments, Jeff Garrett thought of Lumberjacks and the timber industry theme. He immediately got to work on converting a generic diner to incorporate this theme and fittingly renamed the place … Lumberjacks. The brand has since grown to nine corporate and franchise restaurants throughout Northern California and Las Vegas, with 25-50 more predominantly franchise locations set to open in the next few years. Guests line up in droves for the experience and a taste of home-style cooking “Where the big boys eat.”

ABOUT LUMBERJACKS: Garrett’s initial thought behind the theme was that everyone loves lumberjacks and wants to be like them because they work hard, eat a lot, and work well together. Restaurants have a 12-foot lumberjack statue in front, lumberjack competitions playing on TV screens, juniper wood covering the restaurant’s interior, axes as the door handles, and other “woodsy” features.

Part 2 is a clip for our Great Quotes in Franchising podcast. Click the play button below to listen to the show.

Franchise interview with Main Squeeze Juice

franchise interview meets with Main squeeze juice company

We are meeting with the CEO of Main Squeeze Juice Co., Thomas Nieto. Main Squeeze Juice Company, based out of New Orleans, LA, has been franchising its fast-casual juice and smoothie bar concept since 2017. Main Squeeze’s mission is to make health more accessible, and the company’s nutritionist-designed, superfood-centric menu does that by offering a daily source of plant-based nutrition packed with natural and quick energy. 

We will discuss how Main Squeeze Juice Co. has been paired with Pro Bowl Punter Thomas Morstead since 2019, making the brand a pioneer for franchises partnering with professional athletes. Thomas Morstead decided to become a partner of the New Orleans-based juice and smoothie bar because nutrition is one of his top priorities, and he wanted to share the importance of a healthy diet with his fans. CEO Thomas Nieto believes partnering with Morstead has contributed to Main Squeeze Juice Co.’s brand growth and credibility.

Morstead has helped the brand continue to take over the health and wellness world, introducing the concept to new communities and helping those looking for a healthier and more convenient way of fulfilling their nutritional goals. We play a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast in part two. 

Franchise Interview with Mama Fu's Asian House

Franchise interview with mama fu's asian house

On today's show, Franchise Interviews is meeting with the CEO of Mama Fu's Randy Murphy. As customer concentration in Asian food continues to sizzle, Mama Fu's is validating what it saw occurring years ago and anchoring itself as a segment leader. Randy suggested on the show that it's an exciting time for Mama Fu's as we continue to build on the brand's success and enhance momentum toward our national expansion goals. Click the play button to listen to the show. 

Franchise Interview with Marco's Pizza

Franchise Interview with marcos pizza

Pat Giammarco moved to the States from Italy with his parents when he was nine. A few years later, he worked at his Family Pizzeria with his Father. From there, the path was paved; he embarked on a mission to make the best pizza in the marketplace… of course, with some help from his Father’s recipe. 

From there, the first Marco’s Pizza store opened in Toledo, Ohio, in 1978. Marco’s Pizza® stores offer pizza, hot sub sandwiches, salads, and cheezy bread for carryout and delivery.

Franchise Interview with Marco's Pizza

Franchise Interview - Welcome back Marco's pizza

In part 1, we will meet with Tom Portesy, the president of Mart Franchise Venture Expositions and producer of franchise shows. Tom will talk about what can be gained by attending or exhibiting. In segments 2 and 3, we are meeting with Jack Butorac, the Chief Executive Officer of Marco's Pizza, and Kevin Wilkerson, the Area Representative of Marco's Pizza. Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Marco's Pizza (Marco's Franchising, LLC) is the fastest-growing pizza company in the U.S. (based on the number of stores signed into development since 2007). Marco's was founded in 1978 by Pasquale ("Pat") Giammarco and is committed to making Ah! thentic Italian pizza with fresh ingredients. Learn more by listening to the show. 

Franchise Interview with Marco's Pizza

franchise interview - three times is a charm: Marcos pizza

We have a great show today. Almost a decade ago, we interviewed Marco's Pizza. We invited John Ramsay, the Vice President of

Franchise Development Services to come back and give us an update. Since 2008, Marco's Pizza has continued to open an average of 2-3 new locations every week, exploding from 200 to over 800 locations in just six years.

 At Marco's, they pride themselves on ah-authentic Italian artisan pizza, made with fresh, natural ingredients and dough made in the store daily. At a time when 91% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month, more people are choosing the quality pizza we've built our brand on.

Franchise Interview with Tony lutfi of the marlu investment group

If you visit our "About Us" page, you'll find the initial paragraph delving into the reasons behind the inception of Franchise Interviews. It articulates the notion that every business has a unique narrative, motivating our creation of Franchise Interviews. The incredible and uplifting journeys of ordinary individuals attaining extraordinary success through franchising serve as a major inspiration. In this episode, we engage in a conversation with Tony Lutfi, the Chief Executive Officer of the Marlu Investment Group, a franchise owner for well-known systems such as Little Caesars, Sizzler, Jack in the Box, Arby’s, Church’s Chicken, Sears Appliance & Hardware Stores, Sears Home Appliance Showrooms, and Sears Outlet Stores. As our tagline suggests, this episode focuses on interviewing a frantrepreneur who owns one. Feel free to hit the play button below to tune in to the podcast. 

Franchise interview with Margaritas mexican restaurant franchise

Franchise Interview with Margaritas mexican Restaurant

We are meeting with John Pelletier, Founder and CEO of Margaritas Mexican Restaurant. Margaritas Mexican Restaurant has become an experience warmly embraced by people looking for a place to visit and enjoy delicious Mexican food. Every visit to Margaritas is an individual journey, constantly evolving, always surprising, and open for interpretation and discovery. Much like the subtle nuances that differentiate each hand-painted ceramic sculpture in our restaurants, no two Margaritas are identical, and no two experiences are the same. But every visit is undeniably Margaritas. Festive and fun. Click the play button below to listen to the show. 

Franchise interview with Margaritas mexican restaurant franchise

Franchise Interviews welcomes back Margaritas mexican restaurant

Margaritas Mexican Restaurants has earned numerous awards and honors, including being named the best Mexican restaurant in both New Hampshire and Connecticut. Most Margaritas Mexican Restaurants range in size from 5,200-to 7,500 square feet due to the company's specialty in doing conversions of existing restaurants that fit their concept. Listen to our interview with Bob Hofmeister, President and COO of Margaritas. Click the play button to listen to the show.

Franchise podcast with Maui Wowi

Franchise Interview with Maui Wowi

We are meeting with Mike Weinberger from Maui Wowi. Since 1983, Maui Wowi® has embraced the Hawaiian culture and has been serving paradise in a cup since the day it began 35 years ago. From event carts to mall kiosks and stand-alone retail locations, Maui Wowi offers premium smoothies, gourmet Hawaiian coffees, and espresso beverages. The company maintains strong community involvement through fundraising efforts by its franchisees and Team Karma, an initiative that promotes corporate responsibility and giving back to the community. The brand has more than 450 operating units and an online store. In November 2015, Maui Wowi was acquired by Kahala Brands™, one of the fastest-growing franchising companies in the world, with a portfolio of 27 quick-service restaurant brands and approximately several thousand locations in over 25 countries. We play a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast in Part Two.  

Franchise Interview with Maurenn Recalde, The winner of the voice of mcDonald's

Well, you probably heard of shows like The Voice, American Idol, and America's Got Talent, but have you heard of The Voice of McDonalds? We are meeting with Maureen Recalde, the Voice of McDonald's winner. Voice of McDonald's is the largest global singing competition of its kind, open to 1.8 million McDonald's restaurant employees around the world. Over 2,500 employees entered the inaugural competition, which kicked off in 2005. In 2007, more than 3,600 singers entered Voice of McDonald's II; in 2009, more than 10,000 employees entered Voice of McDonald's III; and in 2011, more than 20,000 employees joined Voice of McDonald's IV.

Maureen discusses her experience as the winner of the Voice and McDonald's. She shares the story of her mom, who has worked with McDonald's for over 40 years and is now an owner-operator of two McDonald's. McDonald's is the world's leading global foodservice retailer and franchise, with over 33,000 locations serving approximately 64 million customers in 119 countries daily. Independent local men and women own more than 80% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide.

Franchise interview on McDonald's

Franchise Interviews discusses the founder

We are meeting with distinguished members of the Purdue University Global Collegiate Entrepreneurs to discuss the movie "The Founder"...The story of Ray Kroc is that of a salesman who turned two brothers' innovative fast-food eatery, McDonald's, into the biggest restaurant business in the world with a combination of ambition, persistence, and ruthlessness. 

Franchise interview with Menchies Frozen Yogurt

Franchise Interview with Menchies frozen yogurt

We are meeting with CEO Amit Kleinberger of Menchies. Menchie's is the brainchild of Danna and Adam, whose passion and love for creating the perfect frozen yogurt quickly transformed into the ultimate fro-yo lover's paradise. Other ice cream and frozen yogurt stores offer limited choices and charge customers for every flavor or topping they order. Menchie's customers can serve themselves the perfect yogurt mix by choosing from various delicious flavors and more than 40 toppings, from chocolates, candies, and hot fudge to granola and fresh seasonal fruit. You can mix all the flavors and toppings you want and only pay for what you take! When you're finished crafting the perfect yogurt, place it on the scale and pay per ounce.


Seeking to create the perfect yogurt experience, Menchie's offers the purest and creamiest "real" yogurt flavors, featuring live and active cultures. Low in fat and calcium, Menchie's Frozen Yogurt makes for both the perfect snack and a delicious meal. Menchie's also serves a variety of tasty fruit sorbets and low-carb and sugar-free yogurts. Click the play button to listen to the show.

Franchise interview with Miami Rice Pudding Co.

Franchise Interview with the Miami Rice Pudding Co.

This show was one of our first historical podcasts. 

Discover A Low Investment Opportunity from Miami Rice Pudding

Franchisor Ken McEvoy, founder & CEO of Miami Rice Pudding, tells you about this low-investment opportunity offering both fixed location and mobile units. Learn about the Miami Rice franchise system and an opportunity that may be what you're looking for. Marty McDermott, the host of Franchise Interviews, tried their rice pudding and said it was the best he had ever had!

Franchise interview with Milio's Sandwiches.

Franchise Interview with Big mike liautaud of milio's sandwhiches

We have a great show today. We are meeting with Big Mike Liautaud, the President and founder of Milio's Sandwiches. Achievement in the sandwich business runs deep in the Liautaud family. Mike gives the secret to Milio's concept. 

One of my favorite parts is when Mike talks about how technology has played a significant role in the growth of Milios (9:25 into the interview). Their sandwiches are made with the freshest ingredients. Milio's has an uncomplicated menu and straightforward system, crucial to franchise success and making it much easier to run. Because of their experience, they know how to deliver quality products supported by robust systems and excellent training and mentoring programs.

In Part II, we will speak to a legend in franchising, John Hewitt, from the Liberty Tax franchise opportunity in our Great Quotes in Franchising Podcast. John talks about the importance of following the system. Click the play button to listen to the show. 

Franchise interview with Moe's Southwest Grill

Franchise Interview with Moe's Southwest Grill

Franchise Interviews Connects with Moe's Southwest Grill - Moe's Southwest Grill offers a fast-casual dining experience with a focus on fresh southwest cuisine in a fun and lively setting. Each meal at Moe's is freshly prepared in front of you and comes with complimentary chips and salsa. Popular menu items include the Homewrecker burrito, the Billy Barou nachos, and the Close Talker salad. Established in 2000, Moe's Southwest Grill, headquartered in Atlanta, has been recognized as a Top Ten Growth Chain by Restaurant Hospitality and has received a Gold Award from the Consumer's Choice in Chains Awards. Our interview features Steve Corp, VP of Franchise Sales at Moe's Southwest Grill. 

Franchise podcast with Moe's Southwest Grill

Franchise Interviews welcomes back Moe's southwest grill

Franchise Interviews Meets with Moe's Southwest Grill. Today, we will discuss the restaurant industry's state in the new economy. Over the last several years, restaurants suffered their most significant declines in a generation, according to Technomic, a Chicago-based restaurant consultancy. While many restaurant industry sectors continue to struggle, the fast-casual segment drives the industry's growth. Leading fast-casual dining chains have grown in sales during the last three years, and total visits have increased, according to

Moreover, fast casual is expected to remain the fastest-growing segment of the restaurant industry in 2011. We are meeting with Paul Damico, President of Moe's Southwest Grill. Moe's is the fast-casual franchise known for fresh, made-to-order burritos, quesadillas, and more.

Franchise interview with Morano Gelato

Franchise Interview with Morano gelato

Morano Gelato is a small New England-based company dedicated to promoting the art of gelato-making through its production of authentic Italian gelato in small, concentrated batches. Morano Gelato was established in 2010 by Morgan Morano after spending six years living on and off in Italy. Morgan grew up in the Upper Valley and planned to open a dessert-related business.

We are meeting with Morgan Morano of Morano Gelato.

During college and after culinary school, Morgan gained experience working and cooking in New York City and Italy, the most significant being her work for a Sicilian Gelato Chef who quickly became a close friend and mentor. Morgan appreciated the bold flavors of gelato in Italy and noticed the need for authentic gelato shops with Italian flavors in America. Disappointed with products claiming to be 'gelato,' she set out to establish the tradition of gelato-making in America and recreate pure Italian gelato.

Franchise interview with Mrs. Winners Chicken & Biscuits

Franchise interview with Mrs. Winner's chicken & Biscuits

Today, we meet with Mike Reynolds, Chief Development Officer of Mrs. Winner's Chicken & Biscuits. Mrs. Winner's Chicken and Biscuits is a quick-service restaurant chain that cooks only the best southern food in the southeast. Their family dinner includes Southern staples like fried chicken, sweet tea, traditional Southern sides, and the most delicious biscuits from the oven. 2012, a new chapter opened when a fresh group of owners came to Mrs. Winner's.


Their family has gained new life, and we want you to come along for the ride. Together, we'll grow the family again and bring delicious chicken and biscuits to our friends all across the southeast.


Some of the questions we ask include the following: Tell us about the history of Mrs. Winner's and where the franchise is today. How does Mrs. Winner's differ from other fried chicken concepts?

Can you describe the franchise system?

What types of characteristics do you look for in a franchisee?

What is the training like for new franchisees?

What is a typical day like for franchisees? What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to buy a franchise?

What are your immediate growth and development plans?

In part 2, we will hear a clip from Marty McDermott's interview on Stop Riding The Pine. Click the play button to listen to the show. 

Franchise Interview with Native Grill Wings

Franchise interview with native girll wings

If you have visited our "About Us" page, you have probably read why we started Franchise Interviews. The page begins by suggesting, "Every business has a story." One of those franchises with an exciting story is Native Grill & Wings. We are meeting with Dan Chaon, CEO of Native Grill & Wings.

Dan suggests on the show that the goal of Native Grill and Wings is to offer their guests outstanding service, excellent food, and an unforgettable experience while continuing to be the "Coolest Place for the Hottest Wings". Learn more by clicking the play button.

Franchise Interview with Newk's Eatery

We are meeting with Chris Newcomb of the Newk's Franchise Opportunity. Chris is Newk's Founder, President & CEO. The team behind Newk's Franchise Company, LLC has a unique talent for developing innovative restaurant concepts that meet consumers' current needs and anticipate their future needs.


As the founders of McAlister's Deli, Don Newcomb, Debra Bryson, and Chris Newcomb pioneered the fast-casual restaurant concept, defining and energizing the fastest-growing segment in the restaurant industry. After providing a solid foundation and establishing strong upward growth for McAlister's Deli, they sold the successful chain to focus on creating the future of fast-casual dining. Newk's Eatery concept has been developed and refined to meet the needs of consumers and franchise operators alike. For consumers, Newk's units provide a tantalizing variety of made-to-order menu choices, available for comfortable in-café dining or convenient pick-up. For franchise owners, it's a streamlined, low-labor operation designed for efficiency, site adaptability, and multiple revenue opportunities.

Franchise interview with Nexcen brands

Franchise Interview with Nexcen Brands

Franchise Interviews is scheduled to meet with Jerry Slover, Vice President of Development at Nexcen Brands, to explore their range of franchise concepts, opportunities within the company, and more. Nexcen Brands owns a collection of franchise brands, including two retail concepts, TAF® and Shoebox New York®, as well as five quick-service restaurant (QSR) concepts: Great American Cookies, MaggieMoo's, Marble Slab Creamery, Pretzelmaker, and Pretzel Time. On July 30, 2010, NexCen Brands, Inc. divested its franchise business to Global Franchise Group, LLC. 

Franchise podcast with Noodles & Company

Franchise Interview with Noodles & Company

We are scheduled to meet with John Ramsay, VP of Franchise Sales for Noodles & Company. Since 1995, Noodles & Company has been dedicated to nourishing and inspiring every team member, guest, and community they serve. These core values remain central to their operations. From their menu to their service and overall approach to business, it's their fresh, unexpected, and human perspective that sets them apart, a concept they refer to as Uncommon Goodness.

Noodles & Company franchise locations are integral parts of their communities, giving back in several ways:

Mac & Cheese Trade-Up Events: Noodles & Company hosts Mac & Cheese Trade-Up events where guests donate a box of Mac & Cheese and receive a free bowl of Wisconsin Mac & Cheese. The donated Mac & Cheese boxes are then given to local food banks.

School Fundraising Nights: Noodles & Company locations host school fundraising nights throughout the year, with a portion of sales from the evening going to the schools.

Participation in Local Cultural Events: Noodles & Company franchisees proudly take part in local cultural events, such as those for Black History Month, Pride, and Hispanic Heritage Month, demonstrating their support for the community, team members, and guests.

With over 450 restaurants in 26 states and more than 8,000 team members, Noodles & Company has been recognized as one of America's Best Employers for Diversity by Forbes for two consecutive years. They have also been honored by the Denver Business Journal as one of the Best Places to Work. These accolades are a testament to their unique and caring culture, which aims to make everyone feel welcome and valued.

Franchise interview with Paris Baguette

Franchise Interview with paris baguette

We have a meeting scheduled with Larry Sidoti, Chief Development Officer of Paris Baguette. Paris Baguette is a premier fast-casual baking concept that has gained immense popularity in South Korea, China, Singapore, and Vietnam, with thousands of locations spread throughout these regions.

Despite its strong global presence, Paris Baguette is now aiming to make a significant impact in the All-American bakery-café market in the United States. The brand made its debut in the U.S. in 2005 and began franchising in 2015. With several dozen corporate locations and numerous franchise locations spanning from the West Coast to the East Coast, the company has ambitious plans to open hundreds of additional locations by 2020.

Despite its name and iconic Eiffel Tower logo, Paris Baguette has deep Korean roots that date back almost 75 years before its introduction to the United States. The brand first entered the U.S. market with the opening of its Los Angeles location in 2005 and began franchising in August 2015. Paris Baguette is poised to bring a fresh perspective to the traditional All-American bakery-café market, offering a support-oriented business model, a diverse menu with international flair, and an upscale ambiance.

Key Company Information:

In part two of our meeting, we will feature a clip from our Great Quotes in Franchising podcast.

Franchise interview with P.B. Loco

Our Very First Podcast on - Franchise Interview with P.B. Loco

Interesting Peanut Butter Facts- (After interview section)

The P.B. Loco website ( is full of fantastic facts and recipes on peanut butter. Here are some of them.

• According to Harvard researchers, women who regularly consume peanut butter and nuts have a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes compared to those who don't.

• Peanut butter is one of America's favorite foods, and Americans eat more than 800 million pounds of peanut butter each year. Peanut butter was invented around 1890 as a health food for undernourished patients. 

Franchise Interview with Penn Station East Coast Subs

Franchise Interview with Penn Station East Coast Subs

Today, Franchise Interviews is scheduled to meet with the Penn Station East Coast Subs franchise. Our discussion will feature Craig Dunaway, the President of Penn Station East Coast Subs. Penn Station is renowned for its fast-casual East Coast-style sub sandwiches, offering a variety of hot and cold subs, along with fresh, hand-cut, made-to-order French fries, hand-squeezed lemonade, and more. Entrepreneur magazine has consistently recognized Penn Station as one of the top Franchise Opportunities in the U.S. 

Franchise Interview with Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria

Franchise Interview with Persona Neapolitan pizza

We are meeting with Glenn Cybulski, World Pizza Champion and Co-Founder of Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria. Persona Pizzeria offers an authentic Neapolitan Pizza that is both delicious and affordable, without the long wait times. The pizza industry, once dominated by delivery and takeout concepts, is now reinventing itself to fit into the fast-casual mold. While many pizzerias are embracing this trend, Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria stands out as the most innovative, offering a create-your-own, handcrafted authentic Neapolitan pizza experience—the only one of its kind in the country, with an Italian-trained Pizzaiolo.

Persona opened its first location in Santa Barbara, California, in February 2013, and has since become the region's number one pizzeria. They have recently announced plans to expand nationally through a unique franchise opportunity.

Franchise interview with the Pie Hole

Franchise Interview Meets with The Pie hold

The Pie Hole, a renowned pie and coffee concept based in Los Angeles, has recently announced the launch of its global franchise program. Recognized for its exceptional pies on Conde Nast Traveler's Best Pies in America list, The Pie Hole offers a variety of sweet and savory, homemade pies alongside locally roasted premium coffee in a fast-casual setting designed for community gatherings. We are scheduled to meet with Sean Brennan, the Founder and CEO of The Pie Hole.

When asked about what qualities he looks for in franchisees, Sean emphasized that individuals with a passion for participating in the rich American traditions of pie and coffee would make ideal partners for The Pie Hole. He also highlighted the importance of caring for one's community and a desire to offer locally made, high-quality sweet and savory pies as qualities that align with The Pie Hole's values. If you aspire to own a business that positively impacts your community and spreads happiness one slice at a time, you may be the perfect fit for The Pie Hole. The Pie Hole offers franchise opportunities in various regions across the United States and internationally.

Stay tuned for part 2, where we will feature a segment from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast with Steve Caldeira, the President of the International Franchise Association.

Franchise interview with Pizza Guys

Franchise Interview with Pizza Guys

We have a meeting scheduled with Kaitlynn Caster from Pizza Guys. Kaitlynn made the bold decision to leave her college education behind to manage her own Pizza Guys store. Pizza Guys, which started as a single pizza restaurant in 1986, has grown into a prominent player in the pizza industry. Since its inception, Pizza Guys has been dedicated to providing customers with top-quality food, excellent service, and innovative specialty pizza recipes delivered promptly to their doors.

The company continuously enhances its products and services to simplify the ordering process for customers. With over 70 independently owned franchises managed by community members, Pizza Guys owes its success to its committed franchisees, thousands of dedicated team members, and loyal customers.

While the typical franchise owner is a 38-year-old male with a college education, Kaitlynn Caster breaks this mold at just 24 years old. She abandoned her college studies to manage her own Pizza Guys store, leveraging her youth and fresh perspectives to enhance the brand's reach and demonstrate that college isn't the sole path to success.

Kaitlynn's journey with Pizza Guys began when she worked as a shift leader at her father's Pizza Guys location during high school. Dissatisfied with her university experience, she returned to manage her family's Pizza Guys store and became an owner in October 2021. Kaitlynn's success is attributed to her dedication, business acumen, and management style, which align with Pizza Guys' ethos of innovation. Her youth enables her to introduce new products and ideas effectively and relate well to her young staff. With ambitious plans to expand her business, Kaitlynn is a shining example of Pizza Guys' commitment to growth and excellence.

Franchise podcast with Quaker Steak and Lube

Franchise Interview with Quaker Steak & Lube

We are scheduled to meet with Bruce Lane, the Vice President of Operations and Franchise Services at Quaker Steak and Lube. Quaker Steak & Lube® is renowned as one of the most distinctive restaurants in the fun family casual dining category, having thrived as a concept for over four decades. The restaurant's unique motorsports-themed décor, featuring vintage gas station memorabilia, classic cars, motorcycles, and even suspended race cars, along with its irresistible menu offerings and high-energy events, have cultivated a dedicated fan base, often lovingly referred to as The Lube®.

Bruce Lane is a seasoned entrepreneur, with a track record of working with and owning franchises of well-known brands such as McDonald's, Waffle House, and Checkers Drive-In, among others. His extensive experience in various franchise brands, both as a franchisee and in corporate roles, has equipped him with a deep understanding of the franchise industry. This background has prepared him well for his current position as the Vice President of Operations and Franchise Services at Quaker Steak and Lube. In the second part of our meeting, we will feature a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast.

franchise podcast with Jim Rudolph of Rita's

Franchise Interview with Jim Rudolph of Rita's

If you're a regular listener to our show, you're likely familiar with Don and Marty's admiration for Rita's, both as consumers and from a franchise perspective. We've had the pleasure of featuring Rita's on our show twice. The first instance was with Jim Rudolph, which proved to be truly inspiring. The second time, we had the opportunity to speak with Mark Mele, Rita's VP of Franchising, who was also an exceptional guest. 

Franchise Interviews welcomes back Ritas

Rita's has fulfilled their promise to return for a second visit. Click the link below to listen to the interview with Mark Mele, the VP of Franchise Development for the Rita's franchise opportunity. 

Franchise interview with Rush bowls

We have a meeting scheduled with Andrew Pudalov, the Founder and CEO of Rush Bowls. Rush Bowls was established in 2004, when Andrew Pudalov decided to depart from New York's fast-paced financial scene to pursue his vision of creating a health-conscious, fast-dining restaurant that would energize people's lives with wholesome ingredients and flavorful recipes. This vision led to the inception of Rush Bowls in Boulder, Colorado, offering meals made from premium fruits, topped with granola and honey, and blended with protein, vitamins, and other nutritious ingredients to provide delicious flavors while encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Over the past decade, Rush Bowls has garnered a devoted following and developed a successful business model through refining menu items, operational processes, vendor relationships, and marketing strategies. Despite receiving numerous franchise inquiries over the years, Andrew remained focused on perfecting the Rush Bowls concept... until now.

A franchise podcast with Russo's Italian Restaurant

Franchise Interview with Russos Italian Restaurant

As highlighted on our "About Us" page, each business has its own unique story, and ours begins in Italy. In 1978, the Russo family relocated from New York to Texas, where they opened "Russo's Italian Restaurant." This establishment, renowned for its fine dining, showcased recipes passed down through generations. Anthony Russo, a first-generation Italian, was raised in a family where both parents had immigrated from Sicily and Naples, Italy, to New York in 1962. From a young age, Anthony immersed himself in the culinary world, spending time in the kitchen with his family and other influential Italian chefs, mastering the art of preparing exquisite Italian dishes and New York-style pizza. His father's mantra was: "If you can't make it fresh, don't serve it!" Today, we are privileged to speak with Anthony Russo, the driving force behind Russo's NY Pizzeria and Russo's Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen. In part 2 of our discussion, we delve into the three-legged stool of franchising, as featured on our Great Quotes in Franchising Podcast. 

Franchise podcast with Salad Station

Franchise Interview with Salad Station

Our podcast is scheduled with Scott Henderson from Salad Station, a brand that has achieved success through its unique pay-by-the-pound business concept and the straightforwardness of its franchise-ready business model. Salad Station has become known for its delicious salads sold by weight, allowing customers to choose how much they want to eat while minimizing waste. Additionally, the brand offers tasty soups and gourmet wraps, catering to a wide range of tastes. Since its establishment in 2012, Salad Station has been commended for providing healthy and affordable options to a previously underserved market. With an extensive and fully customizable menu, customers can create their ideal meal while providing opportunities for future growth and innovation.

"We strongly believe that what we've developed here is truly exceptional," said Scott Henderson, Co-Founder and CEO of Salad Station. "While the pandemic presented challenges, our team has persevered, laying the groundwork for a genuine, gourmet, and fresh brand. I'm excited and looking forward to what lies ahead for us and our entire Salad Station community."

In Part Two, we feature an excerpt from our popular podcast, Great Quotes in Franchising.

Franchise Interview with schlotzsky's

This week, Franchise Interviews is meeting with Schlotzsky's to explore their franchise opportunity. Approaching its 45th anniversary, Schlotzsky's, known for its signature round toasted sandwich, The Original®, has embarked on a significant transformation. The brand's new image is attracting a fresh wave of customers and reigniting franchise growth nationwide. The brand overhaul, aptly named "All ‘Round ‘Lotz Better," includes a revamped restaurant design featuring lively colors, playful slogans, modern furniture and artwork, and a partnership with Cinnabon, offering franchisees the opportunity to operate two brands in one location. Schlotzsky's has also introduced a new service model where staff personally deliver food to tables. Our discussion with Schlotzsky's President Kelly Roddy will delve into the rebranding process and the chain's recent partnership with Cinnabon.

About Schlotzsky's - Since its inception in 1971, Schlotzsky's has been known for The Original® toasted sandwich. Over time, the menu has evolved to include high-quality sandwiches, pizzas, salads, and soups. Schlotzsky's has a global presence, with restaurants in Turkey, China, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Costa Rica, Jordan, and Kuwait. Schlotzsky's is owned by FOCUS Brands Inc.®, which also operates over 2,200 Carvel®, Cinnabon®, Schlotzsky's®, Moe's Southwest Grill® locations, and Seattle's Best Coffee® in certain military bases and international markets.

We will also be joined by Nancy Weingartner from Franchise Times Magazine in segment 1!

Franchise interview with Shots

Franchise Interview with Shots

We have a podcast scheduled with Oscar Zapata, the CEO and founder of Shots, an interactive shot bar. At Shots, they specialize in offering a unique experience centered around shots, props, and fun. It's more than just a bar; it's a movement, and you're encouraged to join in and experience it firsthand. Their carefully crafted signature menu is designed to cater to every palate. The highlight of the experience is that each shot comes with its own show, putting you in the spotlight as the star! In part 3, we will delve into various types of entrepreneurs with Nick Bibby. 

Franchise interview with slapfish

Today's show features an interview with Andrew Gruel, television star and CEO/Founder of Slapfish Restaurant Group, LLC. Slapfish has revolutionized the way people perceive healthy, chef-driven seafood by making it approachable and affordable to all. Their menu boasts signature items like the 'lobsticle,' baja mahi sandwich, and original house-made dipping sauces.

Slapfish embodies a chef-driven, sustainable American seafood concept, offering a fresh and fast-casual dining experience. The brand's innovative approach has earned it a spot on FastCasual's list of the industry's Top 100 Movers & Shakers.

Franchise interview with Smoothie King.

Franchise Interview with Smoothie king

From a kitchen experiment to a successful international company, all stemming from a single purpose, Smoothie King introduced the nutritional fresh-blended smoothie in 1973. Founder Steve Kuhnau began blending real fruit, nutrients, and proteins at home, noticing a positive impact on his health. This led to the creation of the first Smoothie King.

Smoothie King Franchising Launch

In 1989, Smoothie King became the first smoothie franchise in the United States. Since then, the brand has expanded its offerings, with each "Lifestyle Center" also providing healthy retail solutions like sports beverages, energy bars, snacks, supplements, herbs, minerals, and other sports nutrition products.

Acquisition by SK USA, Inc.

In July 2012, Smoothie King's co-founders Steve and Cindy Kuhnau sold controlling interest to SK USA, Inc., led by CEO Wan Kim, a successful franchisee with over 100 stores in South Korea.

Entrepreneur Magazine Rankings

Smoothie King was ranked the #1 Juice Bar Franchise on Entrepreneur Magazine's Annual Franchise 500 list in 2016, marking the 23rd year the brand held the top spot and #92 overall. The ranking considers factors like financial strength, growth rate, and system size.

Franchise interview with Southern Classic Chicken

Franchise Interview with Southern Classic chicken

We have a podcast scheduled with Tom O’Keefe, Managing Director of Southern Classic Chicken. The brand, known for its home-style fried chicken, operates using a drive-thru or walk-up model in each location. This approach has positioned the concept for further growth during and after the pandemic. Last year, the brand experienced a 20% increase in system-wide sales, reflecting the nationwide trend towards off-premises dining, which is now becoming a standard practice in the fast-food industry. In Part Two, we will feature a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast. 

Franchise interview with Stockade Companies

franchise interview with Stockade Companies

We are meeting with Terry Harstad from Stockade Companies, the franchisor for three distinct brands: Montana Mike's, Coyote Canyon, and Sirloin Stockade. They are currently offering remarkable deals on real estate and exciting incentives for both new and existing franchisees. 

Franchise interview with Submarina

Franchise Interview with Submarina

You may be familiar with Subway, Jersey Mikes, and Jimmy John's, but have you ever heard of Submarina? After our interview with Bruce Rosenthal, President of Submarina, you might find yourself craving a submarine sandwich. Bruce delves into the franchise opportunity that Submarina offers. Since taking the helm of the company in 2009, Rosenthal has been dedicated to revamping Submarina. During his tenure as president and CEO, Rosenthal has boosted margins and sales, strengthened the balance sheet, and expanded the chain nationwide.

Submarina made its debut in 1977 just outside San Diego. Originally from New York, founders Les Warfield and Ron Vickers relocated to Southern California in pursuit of sunshine but were disappointed by the local sub offerings, prompting them to craft and sell their own subs locally.

In part 2, we will be joined by Gary Occhiogrosso, who will discuss the three pillars of franchising.

Franchise Interview with Subzero Ice Cream

If you're a fan of Shark Tank, you're likely familiar with Sub Zero Ice Cream. We have the pleasure of meeting with Jerry Hancock, the founder of Sub Zero Ice Cream. Sub Zero Ice Cream utilizes liquid nitrogen at a chilly negative 321 degrees to freeze and hand mix each personalized order, employing a unique patented process. In addition to its distinctive and visually captivating freezing technique, Sub Zero Ice Cream accommodates various dietary requirements. The brand offers six bases, including classic premium custard, low-fat custard and yogurt, as well as lactose-free, vegan, and sugar-free options. After selecting a base, customers can further customize their orders with mix-ins, providing endless possibilities for crafting personalized ice cream treats. We also discuss Jerry's experience on Shark Tank. In part 2, we feature a segment from our Great Quotes in Franchising podcast. Click the play button to listen to the episode. 

Franchise interview with Sushi Sake

Franchise Interview with Sushi Sake

We have a meeting scheduled with Angel Aguayo, the Director of Operations at Sushi Sake, a Miami-based neighborhood sushi bar with 14 units that is now expanding through franchising. With two signed franchise agreements in Florida, the founders, Angel Aguayo and James Aguayo, are ready to introduce their fusion-inspired creation to a national audience.

Established in 2009, the Aguayo brothers entered the $12.8 billion sushi restaurant market, aiming to break away from the traditional dining experience. Having grown up in restaurants and frequenting Benihana, Angel noticed a lack of innovation in the industry and sought to introduce fusion cuisine to the market.

Recognizing another gap in the market, the brothers set out to provide high-quality hibachi alongside sushi, a combination often lacking in many sushi restaurants. Sushi Sake offers an interactive dining experience, blending the best of both worlds—a Teppanyaki house and an original sushi spot. Moreover, Sushi Sake locations cater to late-night diners, staying open until midnight to 5 am in some locations, addressing the need for quality dining options after regular restaurant hours.

Franchise podcast with Sweet Lorraine's Fabulous Man n Cheez!

Franchise interview with sweet lorraine's mac n' cheez!

You might find yourself craving a bite after hearing about this. Our next guest is Lorraine Platman, the Founder and Head Chef of Sweet Lorraine's Fabulous Mac n' Cheez! Established in 2010 and expanding through franchising since 2013, this Detroit-based restaurant chain specializes in vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Their menu includes a variety of soups, salads, sandwich wraps, grilled cheese, and over a dozen types of macaroni and cheese, both meat-topped and vegetarian, all prepared fresh to order.

Franchise Interview with Teriyaki Madness

Franchise Interview with Teriyaki Madness

Did you know that the Asian dining segment generates over $18 billion annually, according to a 2011 study by reports research firm Technomic? Additionally, The NPD Group found that 23% of consumers are attracted to Asian-flavored foods. Today, Franchise Interviews is speaking with Rod Arreola, the President and co-founder of Teriyaki Madness, a franchise offering healthy, made-to-order teriyaki dishes prepared with fresh ingredients. Teriyaki Madness aims to provide a quick and affordable dining experience in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, offering an alternative to traditional fast food. Their menu includes Asian-inspired dishes like chicken teriyaki and spicy chicken, served with house-made sauces and a special blend of spices. The average lunch ticket price is $10-$12, and dinner is around $13. Later, we will hear from franchising legend Jim Rudolph as he discusses the 5 Cs in franchising.

Franchise interview with The Casual Pint

Franchise Interview with The Casual pint

We are scheduled to meet with The Casual Pint, one of the rapidly expanding franchises in the craft beer sector. Originating in Tennessee, The Casual Pint began franchising its unique coffee shop-style beer market in January 2014. What's particularly exciting about this industry is its growth and the changing demographics of its consumers. Notably, there is a rising number of women enjoying craft beer. The story of The Casual Pint traces back to Jon Robinette in 1976. Our meeting will be with Nathan Robinette, the CEO of The Casual Pint.

In the second part of our session, we will be speaking with franchise expert Karol Mercurio, who will share her advice for aspiring franchisees. To listen to the show, click the play button.

Franchise podcast with The Melting Pot

Franchise Interview with The melting pot

We have a meeting scheduled with Bob Johnston, the CEO of The Melting Pot. Founded in 1975, The Melting Pot has been offering a distinctive fondue dining experience for over 45 years. As the leading fondue restaurant franchise, it boasts 94 restaurants across 31 U.S. states and Canada. Renowned for its range of fondue cooking styles and unique dishes, The Melting Pot's menu includes cheese fondues, salads, a selection of fine wines and spirits, and chocolate fondue desserts. Fondue enthusiasts can become members of Melting Pot’s Club Fondue to enjoy exclusive promotions, special events, and early holiday reservation privileges. The Melting Pot is affiliated with Front Burner Brands, a restaurant management company headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

Every Business Has A Story

Bob will discuss how The Melting Pot, America’s favorite fondue concept, leads the way in the experimental dining industry with new innovations, as it prepares for nationwide expansion into new markets. CEO isn’t Johnston’s first position within the company – he started as a dishwasher in high school when his two older brothers opened a location.

Franchise interview with The Tilted Kilt

Franchise Interviews with The tilted kilt

Today's broadcast kicks off with our feature on NY's WVOX radio station. Marty McDermott, President of Franchise Interviews, delves into the world of franchising and reflects on the remarkable guests he's had the privilege to interview over the past 8 years. One of his personal highlights is discussing the hit TV show, Undercover Boss, which has featured several guests from Franchise Interviews. For those unfamiliar, Undercover Boss typically features a CEO or President who goes incognito to work among their franchisees.

In the second segment, we sit down with Ron Lynch, President of the Tilted Kilt and a former participant on Undercover Boss. Ron shares insights into his experience on the show and sheds light on the franchise opportunity at The Tilted Kilt. This Scottish and English themed sports pub offers a menu of traditional American fare, accompanied by LED flat screen televisions and friendly servers, creating an inviting and lively atmosphere reminiscent of a classic American sports bar. Click the play button below to tune in to this captivating show.

Franchise podcast with Toast Cafe

Franchise interview with Toast cafe

Over the years, Franchise Interviews has had conversations with some of the most prominent figures in the franchising industry, as well as some innovative new concepts. One common thread among many of these interviews is the presence of a compelling narrative. Toast Café exemplifies this trend. While working as actors and musicians in New York City, Robert and his friend Brian Burchill developed a tradition of preparing home-cooked omelets from scratch for their friends.

Their passion for freshly made food and the comfort of home served as the inspiration behind Toast Café (Toast), which they launched in 2005 as a gourmet, high-quality breakfast concept. Word quickly spread about their delicious breakfasts and inviting atmosphere. The business expanded to three locations, attracting both new and loyal customers with dishes like their made-from-scratch portabella mushroom benedict and avocado omelets. In response to growing demand from its dedicated customer base, Toast transitioned into a franchise in 2013.

By reinvigorating the traditional casual breakfast experience, Toast is poised to bring its successful model to new communities across the United States. To learn more about Toast, listen to the full interview.

Franchise interview with Topper's Pizza

Franchise Interview with Topper's Pizza

Today, we have the pleasure of meeting Derek Henze from Topper's Pizza. Marty McDermott, the President of Franchise Interviews, met Derek a few years back at a Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization Conference. Derek is a franchise owner with Topper's Pizza in the Minneapolis, MN market. Before entering the franchise business, Derek served in the US Army for eight years, specializing in Field Artillery and Army Paralegal work. He completed a tour in Iraq from 2003-2004. Derek holds a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Wisconsin.

During his college years, Derek worked full-time for Topper's Pizza corporate office, located in Whitewater, WI, serving as their national marketing coordinator. He is also involved in the International Franchise Association's VetFran program. Derek's entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his involvement with several non-profit businesses he started while in college. He was also the founding president of the UW-Whitewater's Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization chapter, which has received numerous awards and recognition. To learn more about Topper's Pizza and Derek, click the play button below to listen to the show.

Franchise Interview with Totally Nuts

Franchise interview with Totally nuts

This podast, we are scheduled to meet with the franchise opportunity offered by Totally Nutz. Matt Barker and his wife, Yvette, were once successful marketing executives who grew tired of the rat race and began searching for their next big venture. Their moment of inspiration struck when they remembered the countless conferences they attended, where thousands of people circulated with various handouts.

Under the brand name Barker's Olde Fashioned Almonds, Matt and Yvette started roasting Cinnamon Glazed Almonds in 1990, selling their product at various fairs and festivals. As they received feedback from customers over the years, expressing their enjoyment of the product but also a desire for more variety, Matt and Yvette began experimenting with different flavors and varieties. In 1992, they rebranded as Totally Nutz and launched their franchise opportunity in May 2014.

Franchise interview with Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Franchise interview with Tropical smoothie cafe

We have a meeting scheduled with Mike Rotondo, the CEO of Tropical Smoothie Café. What began as a single café on a beach in Destin, Florida, has evolved into a lifestyle brand for individuals seeking healthy alternatives to fast food. Tropical Smoothie Cafe serves up delicious and nutritious food and smoothies every day. 

Franchise interview with Trufoods

Franchise Interview with trufoods

Today's show promises to be fantastic as we sit down with Gary Occhiogrosso from TruFoods. Gary, a previous guest on our show, was also featured on our Great Quotes in Franchising podcast. TruFoods encompasses a range of franchise concepts, including Arthur Treacher's Fish And Chips, Pudgie's Famous Chicken, Wall Street Deli, and Ritter's Frozen Custard. Marty and Don fondly recall memories of the Arthur Treacher's Brand. 

Franchise interview with Urban Bricks

Franchise Interview with Urban bricks pizza

Today, we're sitting down with Sammy Aldeeb, the Founder of Urban Bricks. Urban Bricks Pizza offers authentic Neapolitan pizza at an affordable price, aiming to satisfy every customer's palate. They value the pizza-eating culture, ensuring a personalized experience without compromising on quality or speed.

Urban Bricks Pizza isn't just a brand or product; it's a lifestyle. Their personality shines through their edgy, outgoing, and progressive approach. They pride themselves on authenticity, exceptional customer service, integrity, and quality, which are the standards they uphold for everyone in the Urban Bricks Pizza family.

In the second part of our show, we feature a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast.

Franchise interview with Walk On's franchise

Franchise Interview with Walk ons bistreaux and bar

We have the pleasure of meeting with Brandon Landy, the Founder, Co-Owner, and CEO of Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar. At Walk-On’s, a vibrant atmosphere and enthusiastic culture are part of the everyday experience. What truly sets them apart, however, is their authentic, irresistible Louisiana cuisine, prepared fresh in a from-scratch kitchen. From seafood to traditional Cajun dishes to hearty burgers, Walk-On’s offers a culinary experience that keeps you coming back for more. In Part Two, we'll share a clip from our renowned Great Quotes in Franchising podcast. 

Franchise interview with Wok Box

Franchise Interview with Wok Box

We are scheduled to meet with Lawrence Eade from the Wok Box franchise, a quick-casual service restaurant that specializes in delicious wok-cooked Asian cuisine. Wok Box currently offers franchise opportunities in selected regions across the USA and has established locations throughout North America. The franchise is introducing a new Pan Asian dining experience, featuring fresh and convenient wok-cooked meals, Stir-fry Noodle, Rich and Curry Boxes, Soups, and Asian Banh Mi Sandwiches with unique sauces. Their restaurants boast modern, engaging, and comfortable settings aimed at providing customers with a memorable brand experience.

Our discussion will focus on how Wok Box distinguishes itself from competitors in the franchising arena. Wok Box places significant emphasis on its distinctive interior design and decor, which complements its quick and appealing food offerings. Additionally, we will explore how Wok Box creates a brand experience that leaves a lasting impression on customers. Each restaurant is designed with open dining areas, tiled walls, plasma televisions, and an inviting, unique kitchen layout. For more information about Wok Box, tune in to the show.

Franchise interview with Woworks

Franchise Interview with Woworks

We have an exciting show lined up, featuring an interview with Kelly Roddy, the CEO of WOWorks. Established in 2020, WOWorks is dedicated to helping guests pursue their passions and live their best lives by offering healthy, nutritious, and flavorful meals along with exceptional hospitality. Owned by Centre Lane Partners, LLC, WOWorks' portfolio includes Saladworks, the leading fast-casual salad brand in the nation; Frutta Bowls, a unique franchise offering superfood bowls, fresh fruit smoothies, protein bites, and more; Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, a well-loved Mediterranean restaurant concept; and most recently, The Simple Greek, which provides a fresh and healthy twist on traditional Greek recipes in a fast-casual setting. WOWorks aims to achieve significant growth across all its brands through various channels, including ghost kitchens, food trucks, grocery retail, and more. In the second part of the show, we feature a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast.

Franchise interview with Yo! Sushi

Franchise Interview with Yo! sushi

Over time, the food industry has witnessed the emergence of various new categories. YO!Sushi offers a range of sushi rolls, sashimi, Asian-inspired salads, and a variety of classic hot Japanese dishes. These are served on color/price-coded dishes that move along a sleek, snaking conveyor belt. YO!Sushi currently operates 60 company-owned restaurants in the U.K., along with more than a dozen franchised locations in Ireland, Portugal, and the Middle East. The company's focus for its initial U.S. expansion is on the East Coast and other major markets such as Chicago, Dallas, and Miami. To learn more, tune in to the show. 

Franchise podcast with Yogurtland

franchise interview with yogurtland

Today on Franchise Interviews, we take a moment to enjoy some yogurt in the studio as we delve into the Yogurtland franchise opportunity. Despite the abundance of frozen dessert concepts available, Yogurtland, headquartered in Anaheim, California, stands out for pioneering the customer-created frozen yogurt experience and developing a proprietary product. By empowering customers to customize their desserts, Yogurtland has expanded its presence to nearly a dozen states, as well as Japan and Mexico. To discover more, tune in to the show. 

Franchise podcast with Your Pie

Franchise Interview with your pie

We have the pleasure of meeting Drew French, the founder of the Your Pie franchise. Your Pie stands as the pioneer of the quick-serve, brick-oven, customized personal pizza concept worldwide. Drew French, owner and originator of Your Pie, drew upon his restaurant background and knowledge of conveyor-driven quick-serve systems, combining them with brick oven technology to create the highest quality pizza available at incredible speed. Inspired by family recipes from the island of Ischia, Your Pie uses exclusively fresh ingredients, homemade pizza sauces and salad dressings, and offers a range of options including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and traditional pizzas. Customers who visit Your Pie have come to anticipate a custom-made, delicious pizza delivered to their table in under 10 minutes - truly defining the fast casual experience. Consequently, the Your Pie brand is synonymous with success and has become a favorite among families in the communities it serves. For more information about Your Pie or franchising opportunities, explore how and why their unique and engaging brand is expanding. 

Franchise interview with Yum! Brands

Franchise interview with yum! Brands

This was one of our first historic podcasts. We're sitting down with Scott Haner to discuss the Yum! Brands franchise opportunity. If you're familiar with KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell, then you know about Yum! Brands franchise opportunities. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Yum! Brands, Inc. holds the title of the world's largest restaurant company in terms of system restaurants, boasting over 34,000 restaurants spread across more than 100 countries. 

Franchise interview with Yummy Cupcakes

Franchise Interview with Yummy Cupcakes

We have a meeting scheduled with Tiffini Soforenko, the Founder and CEO of Yummy Cupcakes, and Dennis Mulgannon, the Director of Franchising at Yummy Cupcakes. Tiffini launched the business in 2004 following an 18-year career in the corporate sector, where she served as the Director of Operations at Universal Studios in LA and Japan.

Yummy Cupcakes recently opened its first franchised outlet in San Diego, with additional locations slated for Michigan and other states in the coming year. Despite some suggestions that the cupcake trend is fading, Tiffini asserts that it's not the case; rather, it's subpar cupcakes that are losing popularity. Yummy Cupcakes boasts over 400 exclusive gourmet cupcake recipes, including 94 vegan and 23 sugar-free options. Additionally, they offer a variety of gourmet cupcake treats such as Cupcake Truffle Pops, Cupcake in a Jar, Cupcakie Pies, Cupcake Parfaits, Cupcake Push Pops, Cupcake on a Stick, and many more.

The Los Angeles-based company currently operates three locations in California and two internationally, with ambitious plans for franchise expansion in the pipeline.

Franchise interview with Zaxby's

Franchise interview with Zaxby's

We have a meeting scheduled with Zach W. McLeroy, President and CEO of Zaxby's Franchising, Inc., to discuss the success and future growth of the Zaxby's franchise, which is on track to transition from a regional favorite to a nationally recognized brand.

Zach McLeroy not only serves as the President and CEO of Zaxby's Franchising, Inc., but is also one of the co-founders of the Zaxby's concept. In 1990, Zach decided to pause his budding music career and sold his cherished drum set to open the first Zax location, which later became Zaxby's. It was at this inaugural store where he perfected the recipes that have become staples of the Zaxby's menu, including the original array of Zaxby's sauces.

Despite its humble beginnings, Zaxby's has grown significantly over the years and is now positioned for national prominence. Zach continues to be actively involved in the day-to-day operations of Zaxby's Franchising, overseeing brand development strategies and guiding its future growth. He is also a Zaxby's licensee, with ownership in over 95 Zaxby's franchise locations at the time of this interview.