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Franchise interview with Caryann Golliver

franchise interview with america's matchmaker careyann golliver

Today's show is packed with excitement as we welcome Franchise Business Consultant Careyann Golliver. Known as America’s Franchise Matchmaker™, Careyann (Larson) Golliver's expertise stems from her success in growing her family's local handyman business into the top-rated national franchise in the handyman industry. Her achievements have been highlighted in prestigious publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek, Entrepreneur Magazine, and FORTUNE. Careyann is also a highly sought-after professional speaker, sharing her insights on national broadcast channels. In the second part of our show, we feature a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast.

Franchise interview with Cheree Warrick

Franchise Interview with Cheree Warrick

A common question we often receive is whether a business plan is necessary when purchasing a franchise. The simple answer is yes! Cheree Warrick, a business plan writer at The Profit Partner, is an expert in this area. You can learn everything you need to know about crafting business plans by tuning in to this podcast.

The Profit Partner specializes in writing business plans for entrepreneurs seeking funding from banks, angel investors, and venture capitalists. Their ambitious goal is to assist 1000 entrepreneurs in raising over $1 billion in capital for their expanding businesses. Securing funding for your business is highly competitive, with less than 40% of bank loans, less than 10% of pitches to angel investors, and less than 1% of pitches to venture capitalists being funded. To secure the funding you deserve, you must have an investable business plan, financial projections, and a pitch deck.

You can view samples of their work at

In part two, we feature a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast.

Franchise interview with Chris Hurn

Franchise Interview with Cris hurn of mercantile capital

This was one our most listened to podcasts. Chris Hurn is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer/blogger, and leader. His company, Mercantile Capital Corporation, specializes in financing commercial real estate for entrepreneurs and small business owners across the United States through the SmartChoice Commercial Loan program, also known as the SBA 504 loan. Christopher G. Hurn, the CEO of Mercantile Capital Corporation in Orlando, is the author of "The Entrepreneur's Secret to Creating Wealth: How the Smartest Business Owners Build Their Fortunes," his debut book. He also offers a special deal for entrepreneurs: purchasing two or more copies of his new book will result in all proceeds being donated to the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation. Priced at $19.95, the book provides Hurn's distinctive insight into wealth accumulation, derived from his experience lending money—over $424.2 million in 2012—to support small business entrepreneurs in acquiring or developing their own facilities. Hurn, who frequently appears as a small business commentator on Fox Business News, The Huffington Post, PBS, and other media outlets, asserts that he understands the mindset of small business entrepreneurs because he is one himself. 

Franchise interview with Christy Wilson Delk

Franchise Interview with Christy wilson delk

We have a podcast scheduled with Christy Wilson Delk. After working in corporate sales and distribution for 17 years, she decided to take a leap of faith. In 1996, she sold her house and withdrew funds from her 401K plan to make the down payment on a $1.7 million SBA loan, which was necessary to purchase and develop a Kids R Kids Academy franchise in Orlando, Florida.

Over the following 15 years, she expanded her business twice, transforming it into one of the largest franchises in her industry, before successfully exiting in 2012.

Christy Wilson Delk, now a speaker, entrepreneur, and educator, serves as an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Rollins College and contributes as a writer. She has shifted her focus to helping others achieve greater professional success by building successful businesses.

Franchise interview with Craig Cody

Franchise Interview with tax expert craig cody

As a Certified Tax CoachTM, Craig Cody is part of a specialized group of professionals nationwide who undergo extensive training and ongoing education in various tax planning techniques and strategies to attain and maintain certification. Within this organization, Craig has co-authored an Amazon bestseller, Secrets of a Tax-Free Life.

Apart from tax planning, Craig's practice offers traditional tax services and off-site CFO services. With a dedicated and passionate team, they provide daily guidance and advice to business clients, emphasizing their efficiency through a team approach. Their clients include Medical Professionals, Clothing Sourcing Businesses, and Commercial Electrical Companies. Craig addresses the following questions:

In part 2, a segment from the popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast is featured.

Franchise interview with Danny Lyon

Franchise interview with author danny lyon

On today's episode, Franchise Interviews sits down with author Danny Lyon to delve into his book, "The Color of My Underwear is Blue." The title of his book reflects his own business background and his engagements with fellow business owners, groups, associations, and individuals.

Hailing from a family deeply rooted in small-town business ownership and boasting over 25 years in the telecommunications industry, Danny has dedicated the past 20 years to his own business. A significant aspect of his work involves assisting individuals in starting their own businesses and providing ongoing support for their operations and expansion. Reflecting on his journey, Danny remarked, "It has been an amazing learning experience for me and an honor and a privilege to see people from so many walks of life create such diverse levels of business success." To learn more, tune in to the show by clicking the play button below.

Franchise interview with Dante Vespignani

Franchise Interview with Dante vespignani

We are meeting with Dante Vespignani from Turma Inc., also known as The Entrepreneurs Source. Dante Vespignani has dedicated his entire career to the food and restaurant industry. His journey began in 1973 with an Arby's franchisee, where he helped expand the franchise to 21 restaurants and introduced two full-service concepts, Tequila Junction and the Samari Steakhouse. Transitioning from franchise to company operations, Vespignani held various senior management roles. By 1993, he had risen to the position of Director of Operations for the Northeast United States, overseeing 800 restaurants with 227 franchise groups. Before establishing his own restaurant consulting firm, Vespignani served as the Director of Franchise Operations/Sales for a startup full-service restaurant chain, contributing to its growth to over 100 restaurants.

Turma, Inc., doing business as The Entrepreneurs Source, emerged as a response to the needs of many franchise operators with diverse concepts. These operators lacked expertise in crucial areas such as marketing, operations, P&L, and cost analysis. Furthermore, there was a demand for Vespignani's extensive consulting and coaching skills to guide aspiring business owners through the complexities of business ownership.

Franchise interview with Dr. John P. Hayes

Franchise Interview with Dr. John P. Hayes - 150th show

Don and I carefully considered who we wanted as the special guest for our anniversary show. For our 150th episode and 3rd-year anniversary, we had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. John P. Hayes. This episode is a must-listen for aspiring franchisees. Dr. Hayes provides candid advice on what steps to take before purchasing a franchise. 

Franchise interview with the Marketing Doctor John Tantillo

Franchise Interview with the marketing doctor john tantillo

When purchasing a franchise, you acquire two essential components: a system and a brand. Understanding this concept is crucial for prospective franchisees to succeed in the franchising industry.

Part I features the renowned Dr. John Tantillo, known for his unique approach that combines humor with education. Dr. Tantillo is an award-winning marketing professional, lecturer, and teacher. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in diagnosing the factors that affect target markets.

In Parts 2 and 3, the interview continues with Dr. Tantillo as the interviewer and Dr. Marty McDermott as the interviewee. The discussion covers branding, franchising, marketing, pasta, family, and entrepreneurship.

Part 4 includes a clip from our Great Quotes in Franchising Podcast. Don't miss the full 90-minute podcast!

Franchise interview with Empower Kit

Franchise interview with empowerkit

The Franchise Interviews team explores Empowerkit, a crucial addition to any franchisee's toolkit.

Empowerkit serves as the ultimate toolkit for medium to large organizations seeking to empower their employees, agents, or business units online. This innovative platform enables your various business units, agents, or employees to easily customize and manage their online presence. While you retain control over your brand, they gain control over content, functionality, and daily maintenance tasks.

Empowerkit provides a comprehensive library of the latest apps, all conveniently accessible in one place. Additionally, you can gain valuable insights through comprehensive analytics, enabling you to make informed decisions. The best part? There's no installation, no setup, and no waiting. Join us as we speak with Chris Anderson and Dennis Mulgannon to learn more.

Franchise interview with the Entrepreneur's source

Franchise interview with the entrepreneur's source

The Entrepreneur's Source - Our upcoming meeting is with Brian Miller, President of The Entrepreneur's Source, which was recognized as one of the top consulting franchises in the country by Entrepreneur Magazine. Their Performance Enhancement Team and consultants boast significant experience in all facets of franchise and business achievement. The Entrepreneur's Source employs a proven process to assist our clients in achieving success. 

Franchise podcast with Dr. Robert Needham

Franchise interview with franchiseinc!

On today's episode, Franchise Interviews is interviewing Franchise Inc. With over 30 years of experience, Franchise Inc.'s leaders have been assisting individuals in transforming their business ideas into successful franchises. Moreover, they specialize in connecting aspiring franchisees with suitable franchisors to fulfill their dream of owning a business. Interestingly, our president has authored a well-received book titled "Solving The Puzzle Of Owning A Franchise," endorsed by the industry. We are excited to have Robert A. Needham on the show. Tune in to learn more! 

Franchise interview with Dr. Robert Needham

Franchise Interview with Dr. robert needham of franchiseinc! Wealth 3.0

Are you prepared for a revolution? Following the financial crisis of 2008, economists warned that without change, America could slide into another Great Depression or even a dictatorship. However, Dr. Needham sees things differently. He believes that the American spirit of freedom still burns brightly within our people. He argues that it's time for a new Freedom Revolution, akin to the one our forefathers pursued with Wealth 1.0. This time, however, the focus is not on "land," but on "100% ownership of American Free Enterprise (a small business)."

In Wealth 3.0, Dr. Needham presents a fresh doctrine for the Middle Class. He suggests that the crisis caused by Wealth 2.0 - the failure of Big Business and Big Government, which shattered trust in "fractional ownership of Big Business (Wall Street)" - has left our economy in ruins. Americans must now make a re-declaration of independence...[read more]. According to the Social Security Administration, by the time Americans reach age 65, only 3% have achieved Financial Security, while 97% retire Dead, Dead Broke, or Still Working. 

Franchise podcast with Dr. William Repack

Franchise interview with Dr. william f. repack of franchise specialist inc. 

This was one of our first historic shows on World Talk Radio. Join William F. Repack from Franchise Specialists for a discussion on the services provided by Franchise Specialists, Inc. (FSI). FSI offers a comprehensive range of services to assist in the development of new franchising programs, including support for selling your franchise. With a wealth of franchise experience spanning various industries such as restaurants, salons, janitorial services, health and fitness, and retail, Dr. Repack is well-equipped to provide valuable insights. Tune in to the show by clicking the link below. 

Franchise podcast with Chris Simnick

Franchise Interview with chris simnick of franchise teacher

Join us for an evening with Chris Simnick, a seasoned expert in franchising with over 40 years of experience as an independent businessman, franchisee, and franchiser. His expertise extends globally, with fifteen years of international experience in launching and supporting franchise systems in Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Chris is the founder of the Synergy Franchise Group Network, which includes Synergy Franchise Group LLC and Through these entities, Chris and his team assist clients in identifying and purchasing the right franchise based on their interests, personality, and skill level. They also help individuals determine if their concept is suitable for franchising, guide them on recruiting and developing franchisees, and set up the necessary infrastructure and processes for effective and profitable operations.

The Synergy Franchise Group Network offers consulting services to franchisers and franchisees of all sizes and industries, addressing various issues such as growth strategies, operational reviews, profit & loss analyses, and lead generation and tracking programs. Additionally, personalized one-on-one coaching is available to meet specific needs.

In Part Two of our event, we feature a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast, showcasing Chris Simnick from his first appearance on our show.

Franchise podcast with Terry Corkery

Franchise Interview with Terry corkery

On Thursday, June 20th, at 10 AM EST, the annual International Franchise Expo will kick off in New York City. Often dubbed the Super Bowl of franchising, this event is a must-attend for entrepreneurs. In today's show, we'll feature an interview with Terry Corkery, the founder of Terry will share his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs interested in buying a franchise, along with some excellent tips for navigating franchise shows. Click the link below to listen to the show. 

Franchise podcast with Giuseppe Grammatico

Franchise Interview with Giuseppe Grammatico

We're going to meet Giuseppe Grammatico, a seasoned franchise professional known for streamlining the franchising process and adeptly guiding candidates to the most suitable model. His passion lies in helping individuals achieve the American dream and experience the freedom that comes with franchising. Giuseppe cherishes the freedom franchising has afforded him, and he finds fulfillment in sharing his knowledge with candidates, understanding their aspirations and lifestyles, and helping them pursue their dreams.

Additionally, Giuseppe is the author of "Franchise Freedom."

Franchise interview with guerrilla marketing for the franchisee

Franchise interview Guerilla Marketing for the Franchisee

In "Guerrilla Marketing for The Franchisee," many franchise owners initially believe that owning their own business will be easier than it turns out to be. This misconception often leads to disillusionment when they don't achieve the expected level of success. Additionally, some franchisees struggle with understanding marketing and fail to grasp what is required to grow their business. There's a common misconception that simply signing up for a franchise with a "turnkey" system will automatically bring in sales.

Ultimately, the success of each franchise business hinges on the efforts of the individual franchisee. This book aims to educate business owners on taking ownership of both their successes and failures, understanding the essence of marketing, and navigating the challenges of today's competitive business landscape. Guerrilla Marketing defines marketing as "every bit of contact you or anyone in your company has with any part of the public." With millions of copies sold worldwide, Guerrilla Marketing stands as one of the most recognized marketing brands in history, renowned for its effectiveness. The book features insights from Todd Woods, CEO of Guerrilla Marketing Strategies, Inc., and Eddie Leonard, Chief Operating Guerrilla. 

Franchise interview with Harold Kestnbaum

Franchise Interview with Harold Kenstenbaum

Today on Franchise Interviews, we have the pleasure of speaking with Harold Kestenbaum, a franchise expert and attorney based in New York. Harold, who is also the author of "So You Want To Franchise Your Business," shares valuable insights for businesses considering franchising. He offers tips on what to consider during the franchising process.

With a wealth of experience in franchising, having worked with renowned brands like Five Guys and Sbarro, Kestenbaum focuses on guiding both new and established franchisors in implementing best legal practices. He is not only a trusted legal advisor but also a valuable mentor for franchisors. 

Franchise interview with Lonnie Helgerson

Franchise interview with Lonnie helgerson

We have the privilege of meeting with Lonnie Helgerson, a franchise author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. With over 27 years of experience in the franchise industry, Lonnie has worked with notable companies including Super 8 Motels and Ident-A-Kid, among others.

During our discussion, we will delve into Lonnie's latest book, "Five Pennies: Ten Rules to Successfully Build a Franchise Mega-Brand and Maximize System Profits."

Franchise interview with Lance Graulich

Franchise interview with Lance Graulich of ION Franchising

We are scheduled to meet with Lance Graulich, the CEO of ION Franchising, who is a prominent figure in the franchise consulting and development industry. ION Franchising represents over 500 franchise brands and business opportunities across 90 categories. Lance Graulich is dedicated to helping prospective entrepreneurs find the ideal franchise at no cost and also works with independent business owners to establish their own franchise systems.

Every business has a unique journey, and Lance's began in the family business on Wall Street after completing his economics degree. He later became a key executive at a TGI Fridays franchise in Phoenix, AZ, playing a crucial role in the rapid growth of this $225,000,000 organization. Mr. Graulich has also been a multi-unit, multi-state franchisee of Wingstop and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Known as an expert in the donut industry, he has created numerous startup brands and founded the successful donut chain Pinkbox in Las Vegas. His latest venture involves a bakery project with a Food Network star. With over 25 years of experience in business start-ups, Lance has served as President of various franchise advisory councils and boards, offering valuable advice to emerging franchise brands and helping numerous companies grow efficiently and effectively.

In the second part of our meeting, we will feature a clip from our popular podcast, "Great Quotes in Franchising."

Franchise interview with Ryan Cunnigham

Franchise Interview with Ryan cunningham of javelin solutions

Ryan Cunningham from Javelin Solutions recently sat down with Franchise Interviews. He is not only the founder but also the President of Javelin Solutions, a prominent national firm. Before establishing Javelin Solutions, Mr. Cunningham spent two decades at the world's largest commercial real estate firm, where he served as Executive Vice President. 

Franchise Interview with jim coen

This was one of our first historic shows on Franchise consultant Jim Coen shares essential insights on purchasing a franchise business. With his extensive expertise in franchising, Jim provides valuable advice for prospective franchisees. As the owner and President of Franchise Perfection, he draws from 30 years of experience in franchising, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Learn how to select the ideal franchise business opportunity with Jim Coen's expert guidance. 

Franchise interview with jimmy st. louis

We are meeting with Jimmy St. Louis, an entrepreneur, competitive athlete, and businessman. Currently serving as an operating partner of Ayon Capital and Franchise Accelerators, Jimmy is also the founder of Franchise123. Through Franchise123, he aims to simplify and facilitate connections between franchise buyers and sellers, enhancing the success of both franchisees and franchisors. 

Besides his business ventures, Jimmy has a background in professional football, having played as a tight end for the NFL's Tennessee Titans, and he was also a member of the 2016 United States Rowing Team, earning four national medals and placing third in the 2016 Olympic trials.

Jimmy will address several questions, including why franchising is a compelling business model, where to research franchising opportunities, which businesses are unsuitable for franchising, his forecast for the franchise market, and his excitement about specific industries for franchisees. Additionally, Part Two of our discussion features a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising Podcast.

Franchise Interview with the franchise king joel libava

This was one of our first historic shows from our time at WorldTalkRadio. The first-ever franchise blog aimed at war veterans has been launched. Joel Libava, a franchise expert, consultant, and renowned industry blogger, has expanded his online presence in the franchise ownership realm with the introduction of The Franchise Blog 4 Vets. This groundbreaking blog is dedicated to veterans returning from deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other regions where our armed forces are stationed. Joel will also provide valuable tips on purchasing a franchise. 

An evening with the franchise king joel libava

Tonight's show promises to be outstanding as we sit down with Joel Libava, also known as "The Franchise King." Joel's moniker is well-deserved, given his role as an author and a forthright entrepreneur dedicated to protecting potential franchise owners from financial pitfalls.

In Part One, our focus is on "The Essential Steps to Researching a Franchise Opportunity." Joel engages our listeners with the following questions:

Part Two features Joel discussing his book, "Become a Franchise Owner!" This comprehensive guide is packed with valuable information. For instance, Joel provides insights into selecting the right franchise for your unique circumstances and offers a list of 40 essential questions to ask existing franchise owners.

In Part Three, we include a segment from our popular podcast, "Great Quotes in Franchising," where we delve into the various types of entrepreneurs.